Our services

From PC maintenance (upgrades, backups) to computer security needs (virus + spyware protection), we provide the best services to keep your computers up-to-date and prevent any catastrophic event (loss of data due to hard disk failure or virus infection,...).
We also design, implement and improve your information technology systems to meet all your personal technology needs :
PC-PDA-Cell phone synchronisation, media centers, digital distribution of video and music within your home, state-of -the-art computer-based digital home design (multi-room Tivo-like systems, HDTV, home entertainment systems...).
We provide specialized services to celebrities / large home offices.
Non-disclosure agreement signed upon request.
To offer the best service to our clients, we prefer to offer long term service contracts , where specific amount of support time is allocated to support (questions, problems) and scheduled activities (like maintenance, backup, etc).. Contact us for pricing.

Exceptionally, we can also assist new clients in need for an emergency onsite repair. Price: $100/hour. Contact us here.

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